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Other than a deck or porch, one of our masterpieces also includes building a patio on extra space on a property. A patio is a paved area that’s attached right on the ground and may or may not be connected to your house. Sounds simple, right? If you know about us at Bucket City Deck Contractors and have tried our services, you’ll know nothing is too complicated for us to accomplish. Learn more about our services and find the one that would work well for your property.

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Complete your outdoor experience with a patio and its hardscape built just for you. We’ve got experts in this field who can do just about any service you might need for the project, including the following:

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Patio Pressure Washing

Keeping your patio clean and fresh looking is a task not all homeowners are able to fulfill. Their busy schedule can hinder maintaining their patios, which often leads to the development of molds and dirt buildup. If you live in Rutherford County and are concerned about how to deep clean your patios, be sure to call us. Bucket City Deck Contractors have the equipment needed to effectively pressure wash your home and patio.

Hardscape Crack Repair

The hardscape of your patio plays an important role in elevating its appeal to the eyes of your visitors and family members. It gives a balanced dimensionality to your outdoor space through its design. However, when cracks start to show, that calls for an immediate repair. It’s time you contact our company to provide you quick, top-notch hardscape crack repair to avoid the damage from becoming worse.

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Patio Building

When you choose Bucket City Deck Contractors, you can rest easy knowing that we are the best in the business. We are a premier deck building contractor in Murfreesboro & others area in TN, that caters services to all of Rutherford Country. Our years of service to the city’s residents prove our credibility and high-quality results. Patio building is one area of expertise for us. We guarantee to make your patio the envy of many for its style and durability.

Building a Patio Hardscape

Don’t let your patio be just an empty pathway outdoors. Make it more pleasing and inviting with hardscapes placed on it. We can work on any material you desire, like concrete, bricks, stone wall, or a wooden arbor. Whatever your choice is, we’re here to help you build that patio and hardscape!

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Other hardscaping elements available for us to use in your property includes the following:

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Make the right choice on who to hire for your patio and hardscape construction by choosing only the experts at Bucket City Deck Contractors in La Vergne & others  area in TN. We offer you all kinds of deck construction services, including patio and hardscape, porch design and installation, deck repair and restoration, and many more.

Adding a patio may make or break the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about. If not done with proper care and attention, it might just cost you extra time and money. With our help, we’ll see to it that your patio and hardscape is an asset to your home. The color, style, and material used will be made to harmonize with one another and be the envy of the neighborhood.

We’re excited to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living room! Call us today at 615-205-7744 to set an appointment with our professional deck builders.

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