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A deck without a porch seems unusual. Your outdoor extension is not complete without a porch that provides shade and a cover from the rain and the heat of the sun. They make a perfect combination when it comes to giving your family the comfort they deserve while outdoors.

When you want some fresh air or to take a look at the beauty surrounding you, you’ll take pride in knowing you have the perfect spot on your porch. It’s your own space and your own choice from the porch designs, styles, materials, and even the size. At Bucket City Deck Contractors, we’re professional deck builders who can assist you from day one until the project’s completion!

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The Kind of Porches We Create

Depending on the available outdoor space on your property, the type of porch we can create for you may vary. Of course, every property is different, and every owner has different taste preferences, and we understand that. You are entitled to the freedom of deciding what looks perfect for your home.

Our expert deck designers and builders can guide you through the process and ensure that your goals are fulfilled accordingly. To get an idea of the wide variety of porches that we create, here is a list of their names and a brief description.

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Front Porch

From the belief that “first impressions last,” front porches become responsible and in-demand for making a strong first impression on your visitor’s or family’s first glance. This type is also called the front entry or “portico,” which is found right at your front door. Adding some chairs, tables, and plants to this area will create a homier, more inviting look for special gatherings.

Back Porch

When your home is located beside the road or if you want to keep your intimate moments with your family and friends more private, choosing to have a back porch is the best way to go. It is the type that connects to your kitchen and the garden outside for a nice view of nature. A back porch installation is more flexible than a front yard in terms of its structure and design, too.

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Wrap Around Porch

If size matters to you, then a wrap-around porch would be your best bet. This type allows you to create specific spots for different functions like a lounging area for visitors, a play area for kids, a minibar for drinking, etc. In short, a wrap-around porch is simply everything a porch can offer you.

Screened-in Porch

Among all the types of porches we build, the screened-in porch ranks the best for the safety it provides for families that have kids around. This is the type where you can have protection against the weather elements outdoors as well as from insects and rodents. The entire space may be covered, but air can still pass through freely into your porch, offering you a nice breeze without the bugs.

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How We Can Help You

Need help in constructing a deck or a porch installation? Try our services at Bucket City Deck Contractors and see for yourself the excellence we provide in all our projects. Witness how we transform an empty space outdoors into a wondrous living room extension in your property. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, we’ll get to you without hesitation to get started with the project. Call us today at 615-205-7744 to get a free estimate and set an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!