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Create a luxurious and inviting look for your backyard pool with a breathtaking deck as its centerpiece. This addition will definitely spruce up the appeal to your family and anyone invited over to swim. In addition, a pool deck adds extra safety for your family whenever they are in your secret oasis as it prevents slips and other accidents due to wet surfaces.

Your entire backyard will look beautiful with the most appropriate style of pool deck installed. When it comes to pool deck design and construction, Bucket City Deck Contractors in your town and others area in TN is your best partner! We’ve been waiting for your call and are very excited to get this project started!

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Our Pool Deck Expertise

If you think that pool decks come only in one shape and size, you are mistaken. Our experts have the best designs suitable for the environment in Murfreesboro, TN, and the rest of Rutherford County. As professionals in pool deck construction, here are the styles and designs we can make for your home.

Pool Deck Installation Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Above Ground Pool Deck

When you have a tight budget but still want to add a deck to your pool, an above ground pool deck can be a nice alternative. It has the same refreshing, sturdy look that you would want for an in-ground pool. An above ground pool deck also makes swimming in and out of the pool easier and safer.

In-Ground Pool Decks

Achieve both safety and beauty for your pool with an in-ground pool deck. Different from an above ground pool deck, this type is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very safe as it is made of non-slip material that prevents accidents or injuries to your family and friends. Feel free to call us and speak with our experts regarding this matter. Always remember, your safety is our top priority.

Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN Pool Deck Installation
Pool Deck Design Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Cleaning, Repairs, and Maintenance

Just like owning a house, having a pool deck also comes with the responsibility of keeping it clean and in good condition for the years to come. If you want it to be durable and useful for years to come, proper maintenance is required, which Bucket City Deck Contractors can do with 100% safe and affordable service.

Protective and Slip Resistant Coats

Because your goal is to keep everyone protected from the dangers of slipping on the floor of your pool and hurting anyone, we’ve come up with the best solution possible! Our professional deck builders sure know how to apply high-quality coats for protection and have a slip-resistant feature. We ensure the integrity of the material. This is just one of the safety precautions we observe when constructing a pool deck. Rest assured that your backyard oasis will be as safe as possible for everyone entering your house.

Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN Pool Deck Design
Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN Pool Deck Design and Installation

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