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Shelbyville is a municipality in Bedford County, Tennessee. Shelbyville had a population of 18,951, according to 2019 census data. Shelbyville, the county seat of Bedford County, was founded in 1810 and incorporated in 1819. The Tennessee Walking Horse industry is centered in the city of Shelbyville.

Shelbyville is situated 50 miles southeast of Nashville, right in the hills of Tennessee. This beautiful town is known globally for the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, a prominent equestrian event that dates back to 1939. Besides that, Shelbyville is rich in cultural history and natural beauty. You may want to try fishing with your friends and family, take a long bike ride through the lovely countryside, ride a horse, attend one of its many festivals, or visit our beautiful historic downtown, along the Duck River in southern Middle Tennessee.

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Shelbyville is a horse breeding and training hub in the Bluegrass Region, and the location of the Tennessee Walking Horse Museum and the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is celebrated every month of August.

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Agriculture, which includes livestock, poultry, corn, tobacco, and soybeans, is integral to the economy of Shelbyville. Manufacturing in the city consists of the production of utensils, automobile parts, plastics, and poultry processing and printing.

Because of its historical significance as a center of wood-cased pencil manufacturing, Shelbyville is known as “The Pencil City.” It is still a manufacturing facility for writing tools. National Pen Corporation bought its primary competitor, U.S. Pencils and Stationery, in 1982. Sharpie, the world’s best-selling writing utensil, is made in the city by the company Sanford Corporation.

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A variety of manufacturers, a Walmart distribution center, and multiple nationwide trucking companies are all major business operations located in Shelbyville.

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