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Completing a great outdoor experience are the shade structures and pergolas that come with your deck and porch. With these added features to your deck, nothing can stop you from enjoying some fun activities with your loved ones even when it rains or is very sunny outdoors. Stay cool and fresh with the power of the most stylish shades and pergolas to match your existing deck.

When you have open spaces like parking lots, stadiums, amphitheaters, playgrounds, or even just in your backyard, building a pergola brings your outdoor space the perfect shade it requires. Forget about the UV rays from the sun, drizzles, and other unexpected objects that might fall on where you are outdoors. Your pergola and other shade structures will keep you safe and protected.

Shade Structure Installer and Pergola Builders

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Common Types of Shade Structures

Shade Canopy Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Shade Canopy

For an immediate, sometimes temporary shade to your not-so-big space outdoors, a shade canopy can do well. It provides the best design for properties that have limited space and those who have a limited budget for the project.

Cantilever Shade

Creating a cool feeling in your deck, a cantilever shade becomes a popular type of shade. Whether you are in Murfreesboro, TN, or anywhere else in Rutherford County, this is a nice choice because it offers a shade that requires minimal posts.

Cantilever Shade - Shade Canopy Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN
Pergolas Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Hip Shade Structure

Triple protection from the sun, rain, and snow is provided by the hip shade structure for both small and large areas. It can be partnered with a custom design depending on your style and budget for playgrounds, pool surroundings, parking lots, and other areas.

Types of Pergolas

Wood Pergolas Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Wood Pergolas

Build a natural look in your space outdoors using wood pergolas. It creates a plain, simple, and clean vibe for any occasion. Some of the affordable types of wood pergolas include pressure-treated wood.

Vinyl Pergolas

Let this vinyl pergola make your vacant space outside appear classy and elegant. Vinyl pergolas can last a lifetime and require less maintenance. However, mixing it up with other colors and elements may not be possible as it only comes in shades of white.

Vinyl Pergolas Wood Pergolas Bucket City Deck Contractors MurfreesboroTN
Fiberglass Pergolas Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro TN

Fiberglass Pergolas

Compared with vinyl and wood pergolas, fiberglass materials don’t rust or corrode even when exposed to various elements. They last longer than others and do not absorb moisture, making them safe from cracks and peeling paint.

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Because we are professionals in shade structure and pergola building, we are also well-trained in performing other related services that you might be looking for. Bucket City Deck Contractors are open consultation wherein our customer service agents shall take care of answering all your concerns regarding the project. Feel free to contact us anytime. Choose from our wide range of services that include the following:

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Shade structures and pergolas are another precious investment you should entrust only to the best professionals in your city. You need experts who will help you save money. In that case, decide to partner with Bucket City Deck Contractors. We are the best in deck building, porch designing and installation, deck designing and installation, patio and hardscape, and much more.

Try our services today and experience hassle-free and budget-friendly shade structure and pergola construction project. Our experts will take this task seriously and with proper care to guarantee a safe and smooth operation from start to finish. Call us now to get more ideas about our services.

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