How to Have a Great Deck and Keep Your Privacy

How to Have a Great Deck and Keep Your Privacy - Bucket City Deck Contractors

Finding a home with complete peace and quiet in the neighborhood is hard. However, if that’s a reason you avoid spending time relaxing outside, worry no more! There are many ways to enjoy your outdoor space without the neighbors watching. Have you considered a private deck? It may be a little hard to believe, but yes, it is possible, and the list below will introduce you to some useful tips to keep your privacy while enjoying your wooden deck.

Tips For Building a Quality Private Deck

Tip #1: Surround it with green, leafy plants.

Surround it with green leafy plants - Bucket City Deck Contractors

Breathe fresh, clean air by growing leafy plants on or around your deck. The foliage will provide privacy while also adding a lush feel to your deck.

Tip #2: Plant some trees.

Plant some trees - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

Trees provide natural decor that can serve as extra cover for your outdoor space. Some of the most common and favorite types of small trees include small maples that enhance the fall colors in your garden. Crabapples, on the contrary, offer wonderful springtime blooms.

Tip #3: Construct a wall or fence.

Construct a wall or fence - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

A private fence will be practical and realistic. It’s one of the common ways to help block the view of your outdoor space as well as create the right kind of secluded area for your family at home. A wall will be just as helpful, too.

Tip #4: Attach a big umbrella.

Attach a big umbrella - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

This can be the only thing you need to add to achieve that “private” feeling on your deck or patio. When you put a big umbrella against a fence or shrubbery, blocking the view from outside will become easier and you can be certain also that you will be safe from the heat of the sun, the rain, or anything else. Also, with an umbrella adjusting the position within your deck is easy because it is movable.

Tip #5: Add a roof.

Add a roof - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

A home’s roof is for keeping its inhabitants safe from outdoor elements and for having some privacy. Likewise, a pergola can serve the same way. You can request your deck building contractors to put a stylish roof on top of your deck to ensure that no rain or snow will ever bother you when you come there to relax.

Tip #6: Hang nice curtains.

Hang nice curtains - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

Similar to how we use curtains inside the house, they are also great tools to use for creating some privacy on your deck. You may let down those curtains whenever you’d like a little more privacy. In this case, too, you can choose the style and design of curtains that adds glamour to the deck.

Tip #7: Put up a trellis.

Put up a trellis - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

A patterned wood trellis can form part of your decor outdoors that adds a sense of coziness. Together with some shrubs or hedges, a trellis is a great addition to your backyard as it can also lessen the view of others outside. Build this trellis on top of your deck railing for the best results.

Tip #8: Let the vines grow and crawl upon the walls.

Let the vines grow and crawl upon the walls - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

This time, the growing long stems of those vines you used to hate in your garden can become the perfect covering to your deck. Your pergola will be covered by vines will make an instant “wall” around your space.

Why Choose to Hire Our Deck Building Experts?

Expert Deck Builders - Bucket City Deck Contractors Murfreesboro, TN

Building a deck is just as important and complicated as building a home. Its safety, comfort, durability, and style over time matters, too. Similarly, the privacy that a deck can provide your family should be given a priority. Stay outside and enjoy the view while staying on your lovely wooden deck without the fear of catching too much attention from your neighbors.

Bucket City Deck Contractors is the answer to your problem. We are a company composed of highly-trained professionals knowledgeable of the right materials, tools, designs, and installation processes necessary to build an amazing private deck. You can choose the design you want, from the materials to the size and shape of your outdoor living space.

We offer a wide variety of services including pergola construction, deck design and installation, deck repair and restoration, porch design and installation, and all for a very affordable rate. By calling us at 615-205-7744, we can start as soon as possible. It will be the envy of many, but will remain as private as you like it to be. We cannot wait to start helping you achieve your dream deck!

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